What we do

eDiscovery & Litigation support

We provide advice on what evidence may be available, where it may be located and we can help you develop a strategy to collect and preserve it.



Collecting and preserving evidence

We specialise in collecting electronic evidence from a diverse range of electronic devices from IT environments of differing complexity. These include: Mobile phones and devices, computers, servers and ships navigation systems.

Forensic analysis

We are able to help you extract valuable information from large volumes of data in an efficient, effective and court reliable manner. Ask us about our original research on this topic and the implications for your organisation or investigation.

Expert reports and oral testimony

Mr Towers has been presenting evidence in criminal courts since 1999 and as an Expert since 2003. On all occasions Mr Towers evidence has stood the tests applied by legal experts and fellow subject matter experts.

Peer review

We are able to review expert and other evidence to provide you an opinion as to the reliability of evidence tendered by your expert or another.

Training & development

Access Forensics has experience providing training in investigations and forensic methodology to: students, investigators, IT Security personnel and IT management.

Data recovery, IT Audit, Risk management & Governance

Access Forensics can assist you to develop and implement proactive, cost effective measures to manage risk and provide good governance.

Quotes by our peers in the industry:

"Thanks Clinton - well done. To be fair, this was a particularly challenging case with IT staff & senior management conspiring to hide the truth."

Commander of the NSW Police State Electronic Evidence Branch

We help resolve legal and business questions with IT and Accounting evidence.

We specialise in the following:


  • Expert witness services & litigation support


  • Forensic investigations and audits


  • Data recovery & risk management

A comprehensive approach - Prior investigations experience enables the identification and collection of all relevant evidence in a manner that will satisfy subsequent tests applied in court.

Credible experts - Tested in court since 1999, with experience and qualifications recognised by the community, courts and our peers.

Reliable results - Over 10 years experience managing the risks associated with collecting and presenting electronic evidence in some of the countries most recognised investigations.

We offer: