Recent case work

Employment and Workplace disputes

"Free sex for council inspector", North Shore Times, 23 June 2011. Mr Towers provided assistance to investigators at ICAC during the investigation of corrupt conduct by officers of Willoughby City Council.

"Lawyer guilty of four email charges", SMH 11 Dec 2010

In 2010.  Mr Towers provided assistance to NSW Police (NSWPOL) in relation to an unauthorised access to data, a Cybercrime offence. The assistance consisted of: evidence collection, scientific analysis and expert evidence during the trial Police v Kelly. Mr Towers has previously supported the first two successful convictions under the Commonwealth CyberCrime Act (2001).

 "Dirty, Sexy money", SMH Feb 23-4, 2008 &  "Government Implodes", SMH Feb 22, 2008.  Mr Towers provided assistance to ICAC lawyers and investigators during the investigation of Wollongong City Council. The assistance included: scientific analysis of electronic evidence collected and the preparation of testimony for forthcoming criminal trials. Mr Towers has provided advice and assistance to ICAC lawyers on eDiscovery issues during many corruption inquiries.

Other investigations Mr Towers has provided support to include corruption inquiries into RailCorp and Sydney Water.

Fraud and Financial Investigations

R v Giourtalis  In June 2011, Mr Towers provided assistance to the Court, Australian Taxation Office, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) and Counsel in the matter of R v Giourtalis. The assistance consisted of the collection and preservation of electronic evidence, advice to legal counsel, presentation of expert evidence on both policing methodology, forensic methodology and Information Technology.

Mr Towers has previously provided advice and assistance to 'Australia's biggest ever tax fraud and money laundering investigation - Operation Wickenby'.

Criminal prosecutions and defence

"Inside murder job on McGurk", Daily Telegraph 15 October 2010.  Mr Towers provided assistance to investigators at NSWPOL and ICAC during the investigation of the murder of Michael McGurk. The assistance consisted of: advice on relevant sources of evidence, forensic examination and analysis of electronic evidence. The matter is yet to be heard by the court. Mr Towers has previously provided assistance to NSWPOL and New South Wales Crime Commision during the trial R v Tan, NSWSC 684 29 June 2007, in relation to the murder of Dominic Li.

Stalking & Illegal Surveillance Devices

In November 2011, the court heard allegations of stalking and the placement of illegal surveillance devices in the matter Police v Davey. Mr Towers provided assistance to investigators at NSWPOL which included: advice on electronic evidence which may assist resolve the question at hand; forensic examination of electronic devices; scientific analysis and presentation of expert evidence.

"Police raid another Sydney home", Nov 9, 2005.  Mr Towers provided assistance to the court, Counsel, CDPP and Australian Federal Police during a terrorism investigation of national significance. The assistance consisted of evidence collection, processing of all electronic evidence seized in New South Wales and testimony for the trial The Queen v Baladjam and others . Mr Towers has previously provided advice and testimony during the terrorism trials The Queen v Benbrika and others and The Queen v Khazaal

Other investigations Mr Towers has provided support to include:

counter terrorist financing, people smuggling and sex slavery, import and manufacture prohibited substances (narcotics).

Training delivered

University of Technology, Sydney

Topic:Introduction to Computer Forensics

CPA Forensic Accounting Discussion Group

Topic:Electronic evidence tips for Forensic Accountants

Oceania Computer Audit Control Security Conference

Topic:Digital Forensics 101 workshop

Australian Public Sector Anti-Corruption Conference

Topic:The role of computer forensics in corruption detection

UNSW Global Pty Ltd

Topic:CSI CyberCrime workshop

7th National Investigators Symposium

Topic: Handling electronic evidence; Dos and Don’ts

Oceania Computer Audit Control Security Conference

Topic: Implementing a tiered model of forensic computing and investigation

On behalf of IPAA NSW, the ICAC and the Office of the NSW Ombudsman, we wish to offer you our sincere thanks ..We have had very positive feedback and we know that Symposium delegates very much appreciated the opportunity to listen to your engaging and practical presentation.

Craig Boaden, A/E.D., IPAA

Jerrod Cripps QC, Commissioner ICAC

Bruce Barbour, Ombudsman

Owing to the confidential nature of the work, it is usually not appropriate to provide information on investigations until they have run their course and information is made available to the public. Some examples cited in media are listed below.

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