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Suite 107, MBE Building

1 Barratt Street

Hurstville NSW 2220


Tel: +61 (0)2 8003 5634

Mob: +61 (0)450 003 234

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We help resolve legal and business questions with IT and Accounting evidence.

We specialise in the following:


  • Expert witness services & litigation support


  • Forensic investigations and audits


  • Data recovery & risk management

A comprehensive approach - Prior investigations experience enables the identification and collection of all relevant evidence in a manner that will satisfy subsequent tests applied in court.

Credible experts - Tested in court since 1999, with experience and qualifications recognised by the community, courts and our peers.

Reliable results - Over 10 years experience managing the risks associated with collecting and presenting electronic evidence in some of the countries most recognised investigations.

We offer: