We provide expert witness and litigation support services to lawyers advising on:

  • Employment and Workplace disputes;

  • Proceeds of Crime orders;

  • Fraud and other financial investigations.

  • Criminal prosecutions and defence

  • Intellectual property and copyright infringements

  • Corporate and commercial disputes

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About us

Access Forensics is led by Mr Clinton Towers CA CISA. Mr Towers was trained by the Australian Federal Police in financial investigations and computer forensics. Since year 2000, Mr Towers has provided litigation support, including expert witness testimony, to investigators and lawyers working on some of Australia's most significant investigations. Read more

Recent cases

Employment & Workplace disputes - "Free sex for council inspector".  Mr Towers provided assistance to investigators at ICAC during the investigation of corrupt conduct by an employee of Willoughby City Council.

Fraud - R v GiourtalisMr Towers provided assistance to the Court, Australian Taxation Office, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) and Senior Counsel in the matter of R v Giourtalis. The assistance consisted of the collection and preservation of electronic evidence, advice to legal counsel, presentation of expert evidence on both policing methodology, forensic methodology and Information Technology. Mr Towers has previously provided forensic support to the AFP during "Australia's biggest ever tax fraud and money laundering investigation - Operation Wickenby".  Read more

We help resolve legal and business questions with IT and Accounting evidence.

We specialise in the following:


  • Expert witness services & litigation support


  • Forensic investigations and audits


  • Data recovery & risk management

A comprehensive approach - Prior investigations experience enables the identification and collection of all relevant evidence in a manner that will satisfy subsequent tests applied in court.

Credible experts - Tested in court since 1999, with experience and qualifications recognised by the community, courts and our peers.

Reliable results - Over 10 years experience managing the risks associated with collecting and presenting electronic evidence in some of the countries most recognised investigations.

We offer: